The Making of Downtown & Brooklyn: CD1

Just before Just Water broke up, they were rehearsing a new song called "Downtown & Brooklyn". The song never made to stage or tape, but the phrase neatly sums up the Just Water universe. In 2007 Mitch Dancik coordinated an effort to locate and preserve all of the Just Water recordings from the 1970's. The band members along with engineer Neal Steingart rifled through attics and closets. They found the 30+ year old master tapes of the Just Water albums, along with several unreleased recordings, some which they could not even recall making. Working with Mark Mashewske, the results are the 3 CD set Downtown & Brooklyn and this website.

The first CD of the "Downtown & Brooklyn" set includes a digitally restored and remastered version of Just Water's first album The Riff, with bonus tracks recorded between 1975 and 1977.