Drastic Change


…based on part of the Just Water mini-opera "The Last Phonograph in The World", written in 1973. "From a purely musical standpoint, it is the clearest example of my writing style. I honestly do not know what key this song is in, but that's the point. I was always on a quest to make chord changes travel as far as possible while still making some form of melodic sense. The intro to "Drastic Change" never resolves, but it is heading towards the key of G. The first verse changes key to E flat, the chorus back to G, next verse to A, bridge to B, chorus to G, outro to F."

Neal Steingart, who engineered most of Just Water's tracks, had a real challenge with this song, because the instrumentation changed along with the keys, and when key changes are this extreme, the balance of instruments and EQ is hard to keep up with. However, the band remembers Greg Calbi (the well-known record mastering engineer of more famous LPs than you can count) telling Neal it was one of the best and most interesting mixes he'd ever heard.

Danny and Mitch play various keyboards - piano, synthesized marimba, and organ - and Danny's guitar solo ends the song with a wink and a nod to Baba O'Riley.