They Live By Night


Mitch claims that "this song is about the kids that stole my neighbor's dog while my brother Steve and I were walking it. A bunch of teenagers - known as "J.D.s" (juvenile delinquents) at the time - lured the sorry mutt across Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn. We weren't allowed to cross the street yet, so we just stared as the mutt and the J.D.'s faded away in the distance. It was my first existential dilemma. Stealing dogs seemed wrong, but I wanted to be one of those kids - jackets, boots, greasy quiffs, and being allowed to cross the street."

That's Danny on slide guitar and Mitch on double-tracked acoustic. The wringing rhythm guitar sound on the chorus is Mitch playing a 1959 gold top Les Paul. Mitch recalls that "I had to sell it when I was stranded in London in 1979 with an expired visa, just after Just Water broke up. I've always wondered who has that guitar today. They say it's now worth a fortune."