Wayward Boys


…is Oliver Twist on the Lower East Side. Mitch distinctly remembered coming up with the title: "especially the word "wayward". Everyone was speaking "punk", "rebellion", "revolution", "riot", but in reality there were very few tough punks. Remember that it was Jayne County who got the decision over Handsome Dick Manitoba in the title fight at CBGB's."

"Wayward was the word I'd been looking for. It sounded more Artful Dodger than Johnny Rotten. It was more honest than trendy. The punk rock movement was a middle class descent into the streets, not a revolution out of the streets. The main characters of "Wayward Boys" are artists begging for acceptance, disguised as the hungry begging for a meal."

Tom plays a particularly original bass line, and the fade out is nearly symphonic with every instrument playing separate but interwoven melodies.